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Data Management services take the pain out of lending.

Mortrax manages more than 2,500,000 pieces of loan program, product and pricing data. Our clients enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art technology without the burden of managing the constant flow of guideline and pricing revisions.

The goal at Mortrax is to someday become a national “information repository” for investor guidelines and pricing.

iMort™ Lender: Data Management

With the vast amount of loan programs, guidelines, and pricing structures, it is a monumental task of administering data.  The goal at Mortrax is to someday become a national “information repository” for investor guidelines and pricing.  To date, we manage over 2,500,000 pieces of loan program, product, and pricing information (including more than 498,000 daily rates and prices, 30,100 SRPs and 36,900 pricing adjustments).  Generally, a new program can be added in less than two weeks so that our clients can access the ever changing programs that are offered by the various investors.  You simply identify your investors and programs, and we will take care of the rest.  Make sure your originators are prepared when Borrowers ask important questions about indexes, interest rates, and historical movements as well.  The iMort™ system is there to help you achieve these goals (read_more).

We know that your time is important.  For this reason, not only does Mortrax offer its state-of-the-art technology to mortgage lenders across the country, but we provide data management services as well.  For a nominal monthly fee, the experienced Product Development staff at Mortrax will take care of managing the enormous amount of data that the iMort™_Engine uses to make decisions for your originators and consumers.  Our flexibility enables you to consider ‘self-managing’ your program and pricing information at any time.
Sometimes a mortgage lender negotiates customized program guidelines or pricing structures (including SRP’s).  The iMort™_Lender system architecture can handle virtually any type of program, product, or pricing information.  If necessary, Mortrax will customize iMort™_Lender to meet your specifications.  Rules involving loan-level profitability can be managed by our client, while at the same time, having the remaining data managed by the staff at Mortrax.

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Join the quickly growing list of Mortrax customers, and you will witness an evolution in your business model.  To learn more about the benefits of the iMort™ web-based technology and whether it is the best option for your origination process, contact a Relationship Manager at (305) 444-9010 or (888) 554-9010.