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Within minutes of using intelliAPP, the consumer feels confident and informed about all of their lending options.

iMort™ Consumer

Our intelliAPP is a revolutionary new way to take online mortgage applications.  Unlike other online application systems that only accumulate part of the 1003 information on a data input form, our iMort™ Consumer module actually prices and prequalifies the consumer using the iMort™_Engine.  This intelligent way of gathering online information reduces the number of questions that a consumer is required to answer during the application process.  Within minutes of using intelliAPP, the consumer feels confident and informed about all of their lending options.  Only information that is required, based on the loan program chosen with the help of the iMort™_Engine, will be requested from the consumer.  There is no longer a need for your website to tell the consumer that a loan representative will be contacting them by phone or sending an email response hours later.
In essence, the consumer has the same benefits as an in-house originator or mortgage broker with regards to processing different scenarios such as LTV, documentation, product, M.I., interest only, prepayment, etc.  The extensive online help system ensures that the consumer gets every question answered quickly and accurately.  Upon completion of the intelliAPP online application process, an actual complete 1003 form is delivered to the lender with the borrower’s iMort™_Engine prequalification attached as a reference.

Before receiving the borrower’s application documents (that were listed on the prequalification form), the processing, underwriting, and secondary marketing departments will know in advance how the loan was structured and priced.  If the loan requires the use of an AUS system such as Fannie Mae DU or Freddie Mac LP, the iMort™ Consumer system will send a file via an email attachment that can be uploaded seamlessly without the need for repeated data entry; thus avoid costly mistakes and time.

Join the quickly growing list of Mortrax customers, and you will witness an evolution in your business model.  To learn more about the benefits of the iMort™ web-based technology and whether it is the best option for your origination process, contact a Relationship Manager at (305) 444-9010 or (888) 554-9010.